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Your Burst of Emotions with Vesping

When traveling to other cities, everyone is trying to do something memorable aside from just shopping and walking. If you want to have a unique view of Barcelona and create the memories to remember forever, you should try a Vespa GPS guided tour. You are sure to see everything you wish in a shorter period of time since it’s very easy to navigate the scooter when getting around the city.

If you have never heard about it before, it’s a tour you take on a scooter. It has a pre-installed GPS system that guides you around and tells you when and where to turn. How cool is that?! You won’t ever get lost and there is no more need to spend half of the day making head or tail of the map. In addition, the system is triggered by your location and when you approach a landmark, it’ll tell you more information about the place. Go to to see the main routes you can take.

However, if you go in the wrong direction or something, the system will adjust to your movements and also say what you see around. It can show pictures in order to make sure you don’t confuse the landmark and realize what you are learning about.

One of the biggest advantages of the tour is that you do it your way. You can start it anytime and stop anytime as well. There is no need to wait for the group or feel embarrassed when a group has to wait for you. You will comfortably discover the city at your own pace.

There is no need to worry about your smartphone (or tablet) having a poor Internet connection or the lack of a Wi-Fi spot. The scooter is your vehicle, map, and guide.

Vesping has even more advantages. Small scooters make it very easy to find parking and navigate through the city. You don’t need many skills of riding it, just a basic experience is enough.

This entertainment won’t make you overtired of walking and you’ll still have enough energy to go shopping or go out in the evening. You’ll even have enough energy to go dancing.If you’ve never tried it before, it’ll be a great unique experience and make the trip memorable. Make sure to take lots of pictures and videos to remember the day and share your emotions with your friends and family.


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