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Why You Should Choose Cardiff as Your University Destination

Studying in the UK can lead to many exciting job opportunities and result in some great memories that will last forever. Choosing the right study destination, however, can be difficult – especially for a foreign student who is new to the UK’s culture and everyday living.

For many students-to-be who are seeking quality study opportunities and vibrant, urban living, London might seem like the obvious choice.  With its exclusive selection of premium universities, the capital can be indeed perceived as the preeminent location. However, the expenses associated with living in London might not suit your student budget. But worry not – if you’re still fancying a proper student life which is more tailored to your tight budget, why not consider Cardiff instead?

Quality Living on a Budget

One of the biggest advantages of moving to the Welsh capital is significantly lower living costs. If you decide to become a Cardiff resident, you can look forward to very affordable housing prices as well as more reasonable rent, without compromising on the actual quality of living.

To compare, the average monthly rent for a studio flat close to the Cardiff town centre sits at £400 – half the amount you would have to pay for the same property type in London. Sounds good, right?

You should also think about additional benefits such as cheaper car insurance, very affordable public transport fares and student-friendly amenities – such as self-storage, as the price of student storage in Cardiff can be as little as £5 a week.

Beautiful Scenery

Is there anything better rather than waking up to a beautiful, coastal view every day?

Cardiff is a bustling and compact city that offers the best of cosmopolitan living while being just a stone’s throw from stunning coastline and countryside, which can be very tempting for anyone seeking Insta-worthy spots or a peaceful place to lead their active lifestyle.

The most breath-taking spots in Cardiff that every student looks for include Penarth Pier, the Cardiff Bay Barrage and Cardiff Castle.

Cosmopolitan Living

If you fancy some serious nightlife activities, look no further – Cardiff offers everything you you’re looking for.

Nightlife in Cardiff has always been one of the city’s best features, and with a whole host of new venues, there are plenty of Cardiff nightclubs to choose from for a budget yet quality night out. Some top-rated places to be in Cardiff include Pryzm (for more cosmo parties!), Retro (the home of the 90s vibe), Revolucion de Cuba (perfect for any Latin-themed night outs) and Glam if you fancy something bolder!

Cardiff also has a brilliant sense of being big on atmosphere but tight-knit in scale, so you don’t really need to travel very far to find somewhere you like. You will also be pleased to know that the city offers some bargain deals on drinks that won’t leave you empty-handed, so you can still afford food for the rest of the month!

Top Opportunities

Cardiff is also a perfect study destination if you hope to get a degree from a world-renowned university. Cardiff University has retained its place amongst the top 150 of the world’s best 1,000 universities and was classified as 32nd in The Times & The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019.

Cardiff has everything you could want from a capital city without the price tag. The combination of culture, cost of living and world class education makes Cardiff an ideal study location for university students from inside and outside the UK.


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