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Whale Shark Island –  Maldives Local Island A. DH Maamigili

Swimming along with one of the mass creations of nature—the whale shark— is surely in bucket list of every diver. However, due to rare sightings of these breathtaking creatures, the desire to see one remains a dream for many enthusiasts. Hold your breath, because here is a place where whale sharks can be found in abundance, at any time of the year. Yes! It’s the Maldives.

Home to Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, A.dhMaamigili is more than just an island hoarding popular guesthouses.

A majestic beach, towering palm trees and the mix of all the greens and blues of nature— is an island of hope for anyone wishing to have an exciting vacation!

Whale shark

Have you seen these magnificent creatures? Even if you haven’t we have got you covered because the waters surrounding Maamigili is home to these docile beings and we think you’ll love the experience!

South Ari atoll is the most sought after diving spots in the country and that’s where Maamigiliisland is located!

Where is Maamigili?

Amidst the teal and indigo ocean in South Ari Atoll, Maamigili is a small tropical island with a majestic gateway to your sweetest natural fantasies!

Our treasured point, MaamigiliBeyru, is home to docile Whale Sharks and a garden of untapped beauty, situated just south of Maamigili Island airport on the Southside reef of South Ari Atoll. The reef starts at 4-12m with a plateau covered in corals, and slopes down to 35m on a sandy bottom.

MaamingiliBeyru is famous for encountering whale sharks and there’s a long list of success stories. If you are looking for whale sharks, snorkeling is the best option as it allows a longer observation time than diving. Snorkelers are advised to use an SMB and beware of the boats that do not always respect the speed limitation.

How to go there?

If you’re fond of traveling by the sea, Maamigili is just a two hour launch ride from the capital city Male’. If not, you can directly visit the island as it has its own airport and direct flights are available all throughout the year.

Where to stay?

Maamigili hosts an array of guest houses but La Cabana Maldives is the most promising stay if you’re opting to have an amazing local experience. From the friendly smiles of the staff, to the traditional breakfast, you will enjoy every minute of the day in La Cabana Maldives. Apart from the jolly bicycle rides you can have to visit the locals of the island, La Cabana also gives you an opportunity to experience more daring and adventurous activities. Some of these include Night fishing, Scuba diving, Bbq, picnic trips and a trip to a near by sand bank.

What more you can do at Maamigili?

To further elaborate what you can do at the hub of Whale shark enthusiasts and diving maniacs, you can do various activities to keep your bucket lists on check.

Diving would be an obvious activity you will indulge on but have you been to a sand bank? The sheer beauty of it is so exhilarating. Only experience can fully justify it. If you think you have gotten too much of the locals you can change the scenario a bit and visit a luxury resort near by and indulge on their extravagance. Just a stone’s throw from Maamigili, we have a small island perfect for picnic trips and a full day for relaxation. If you want more private time with your family, this island is just the place. You can also make your nights more exciting by going on fishing trips and taking part in local barbecues.

Our staff are always ready to give you your next big adventure.


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