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Tips To Stay Warm While Running In Winter

If you are an all season runner, you already know that the cold and snow of winter can make running more difficult and possibly even dangerous. You expose your body to freezing cold temperatures and the wetness of snow which can lead to hypothermia or frostbite.

If you are a winter runner or you are just beginning to run outside in the cold weather, keep reading for some helpful tips that will keep you warm and dry all season long.

Tips To Stay Warm While Running In Winter

Warm Up Indoors-do your warm up exercises inside where it is warm and you can increase your body temperature effectively. Warming up outside in the cold will take longer and your body might not be ready for your run.

Wear Multiple Layers-wearing multiple layers is a good way to stay warm when it is cold while still being able to shed some layers as you get warmer and to prevent overheating. Choose outer layers made of ARIAPRENE® as this will help keep you warm and dry no matter how bad the weather gets.

WearDark-Coloured Clothing- yes, you have always been told to wear clothing that enables you to be seen while running, but when it is snowy outside, the best way to be seen is to wear something darker with reflective strips. The dark clothing also provides a way to keep you warm as it absorbs solar radiation better than light coloured clothing.

Cover Your Extremities- no matter how warm it feels outside, you should still cover your extremities including your head, neck, feet and hands when running in the winter. You lose up to 70% of your body heat through your extremities and keeping them covered will help to keep you warmer.

Wear Suitable Running Shoes- running shoes that are designed for cold weather or wet ground should be worn when running. Look for shoes containing an ARIAPRENE® outer shell as this material will keep your feet warm and dry while providing long lasting comfort.

Breathe In Through Your Nose- this can be difficult to do as we tend to breathe in through our mouths when we are exerted. With practice, however, it can be done. Specially made breathing masks made with ARIAPRENE® are available for runners so the air entering their lungs is much warmer than the actual outside air temperature.

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