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Tips on using a taxi

In a big and busy city, taxis are the most efficient and reliable means of transport. Being your first time in a taxi could be confusing but if you are able to communicate and the actions to take, then you are better placed.

When you want to hail a taxi

While standing at the edge of a sidewalk and ensure you are away from oncoming vehicles, find an unoccupied taxicab. Where you stand should be visible by the drivers. That would make it easy for them to turn your way once you hail. Again, where you stand should be toward the direction you want to go.

Check out for the taxi’s vacancy sign

Taxicabs usually have a sign at the roof, which indicates whether they are occupied or have a vacancy. However, different signs work for different states and therefore you must be sure of the sign. If you are not aware, you can search online for the same or even ask a local besides you for help.

Raise your hand firmly and confidently

As the taxi driver approaches your way, ensure that your hand is firmly raised toward them so that they can easily see that you’d want to be picked. Keep it there until they pull over; try to catch the driver’s attention by looking into their eye and nodding.

Immediately you have caught the driver’s attention, open the door to the backseat and get in. While there, tell your driver the direction to your destination. Ensure your memory is right with the address or put it on a paper. Always be clear when communicating with the taxi driver, this would ensure that they give you the best experience.

Walk to a taxi stand

It is possible for you not to get a taxi at the edge of a street. Therefore, you’d be forced to walk to a taxi stand. This is where many taxicabs queue waiting for customers or during peak hours, it could be other customers standing in line. Wait for your turn and tell the driver your destination. Many stands would be found in areas around big hotels, airports and popular tourist attraction sites. A stand company operates every stand and therefore taxicabs operating on these are considered safe.

Every city has defined colors for taxis and therefore the easiest way of identifying a taxi is to ask a local about the color of taxis in that city. While in Miami, you can ask for the Yellow Taxi, a company that is known for offering the best taxi experience at affordable rates.


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