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The Key Specifications to Look for in Subwoofer Boxes

When you ride down the road on a hot summer day rejuvenating background music is something that can help you distress. Accepting the fact that you need to drive back and forth everyday for your work, music proves to be the only form of entertainment. So, investing in a good quality car audio system is justified. There are certain types of small speakers that can’t produce realistic low-frequency sounds, this is the reason you need a separate subwoofer. So, if you are thinking of buying a subwoofer for your car then don’t forget to take a look at the online stores where you would come across a variety of quality product at some of the best deals.

Types of subwoofers

When you visit the websites and browse through the wide range of subwoofer boxes available online, you will come across some basic types:

  • Woofer – This is also popular as subwoofer driver or passive subwoofers and is the most basic forms available. Normally, they include only a basic woofer within an enclosure. To function effectively, this must be powered by an external amplifier.

Powered subwoofer – This type comes with an in-built amplifier in the enclosure that saves both space and time. Though this sounds to be the best option, the bass power is as effective as those that are powered by external amplifiers. These are used to reproduce midrange frequencies.

  • Vehicle specific subwoofer – When space is a concern then this is the best fit for your car. These are therefore designed specifically for a particular model of car. Being small in size they are not very powerful.

Key specifications

Once you have decided the type of subwoofer boxes you would go for, comparing the specifications can help you in taking the right decision. Some of the key specifications you need to consider are:

  • Power – If you are in search of a system that really makes that booming sound, you should consider the RMS power rating the measures the continuous handling of power and provide more realistic measures than the peak power rating.
  • Sensitivity – Sensitivity along with power helps to achieve a high output. A sub having a higher sensitivity rating needs less power for producing the same amount of sound.
  • Frequency range –This gives you abasic idea of how low a subwoofer can play, though, the actual performance depends on a lot of variables.
  • Enclosure type – The enclosure where the sub is mounted produces a big effect on the type of sound it lets out. Normally, sealed boxes give you the accurate sound with the deepest impact.
  • A number of voice coils – The dual voice coil subwooferis a popular choice when it comes to car audio if you are looking for flexibility.
  • The size – If you play something loud and low then you should go for a big sized sub.
  • Impedance – Most of the subwoofers are rated at 4 ohms impedance.But 2-ohm, 8-ohm and dual voice coil subwoofers are more common. While choosing a subwoofer, you should go for amplifiers that will match with your sub in terms of impedance and power rating.


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