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Spain vs France for relocating from the UK

Changing residential places could be affected by factors such as a change of jobs or even changing just for the need of changing places. Different places mean you get the chance to experience other cultures and different ways of life from those that you are used to in your hometown. When relocating from the UK to other places you will have to compromise what you are used to and have to adapt to the changes in the new place of your choice. If you are indifferent between Spain and France, here are some of the factors to consider.

The economic difference.

The economic difference between Spain and France is highly significant. The cost of living in France is higher and the costs of buying almost everything is higher as compared to the cost to that of Spain or even that in the UK. Living in France will, therefore, mean compromising a lot of stuff. You may have to opt to make your own food rather than buying food from a restaurant.

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When looking to settle and make it a permanent resident, the cost of buying a home is higher in France than in Spain. You, therefore, have to operate on a higher budget when looking forward to settling in France from the United Kingdom. Look here for property for sale in Javea Spain prices, and compare with these property for sale in Nice prices – the two towns socioeconomically are on par.


France is more diverse as compared to Spain. There are many different people in France from all over the world and there are therefore almost zero chances of racism around there. With this having being figured out in France the announcements made in the streets are made in five different languages, mainly; English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and French.

Spain, on the other hand, is not as diverse. The Spanish people are quick to notice a new person amongst them and the discrimination is quite noticeable.


The Spanish are however not as courteous people as the French. The French are even more courteous than the people from the UK. It is not common for the Spanish people to use words like sorry and please all the time as it is in another place because they have a mutual understanding that you don’t have to say it all the time. This may annoy you at first as it may appear rude but you are good with it when you get used to it.


The weather in Spain is friendlier since most times it is sunny as compared to that of France which has long winters as compared to those in the UK. When looking to live in a good climatic condition, then Spain is the best choice to go with.


The Spanish language is becoming more common than the French language. With the knowledge of the Spanish language, you can live in many places including France due to its diversity.

When looking to relocate from the UK, these are some of the factors that should be considered where a choice of either Spain or France has to be made.


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