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Rugby: A Great Discipline for Kids

Playing rugby has been found to influence children in a positive way – built around teamwork and respect, it is the perfect sport for teaching young people these important personalitytraits from an early age. In this post we are going to be discussing just some of the reasons why rugby is such a great teacher for children, with the ultimate aim or encouraging even more to get involved and book rugby tours 2018.

Equal opportunities

Every player that steps onto a rugby field is treated equally as a member of a team regardless of race, ethnicity or social background. Rugby requires all team members to participate and get involved, and because of this no one is ever left out when playing. Rugby is a real team sport.

Rugby rules promote safety

In rugby the teaching of safe tackling and safe contact is incredibly important, especially when children are involved. Rugby has been promoting safety for a long time, using mandatory and strict stand-down times in which other sports have only recently welcomed.

Morals and ethics

Those involved in rugby are taught to respect not only their team mates but also their coaches and referees and opposition. Referees in rugby set a great example and show how sports should be played. Referees and coaches teach high levels of discipline and self-control – two of the things which are vital to life going forward.


Creativity and problem-solving are both things that are involved in rugby. During games players are required to make tricky decisions under pressure, which can in turn help them gain confidence as they learn the riles of the game. Rugby can help children, and people of all ages, to develop the capability to analyse and deduce general principles in life which can boost their mental, physical and social agilities.

Social skills

Rugby is a highly social sport where players have no choice but to interact with one another. Rugby teaches people how to work well in teams and how to make decisions that benefits not only themselves but those around them also.

These are only some of the benefits of rugby for children too, give it a go, and see what you think!


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