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Riung 17 Island in Flores Island Indonesia

There are a lot of places that you can visit if you are going to Flores Island Indonesia. That is because this place is considered as one nice place to visit, though Flores is a little bit remote. If you are thinking about going to Flores, then you will need to visit Riung 17 Island as one of the best places that you need to visit. That is because this sub-district has a lot of nice islands and attractions that you will surely love to visit. If you are curious about the things that you can do or the things that you will find on this island, then you will need to know these things first.

  • The first one is the underwater activities. If you are one of those tourist who love to have the interesting underwater activities, then this place is the one that you need to visit. That is because among all of those islands you will have the nice underwater park full of beauty of nature. You will be able to find a lot of marine wildlife. As an addition to that, the beauty of its corals is something that you should not miss since there are more than 20 species of corals that you can find on this marine park.
  • The next one is the private beach. Actually, there is no private beach that you can find on this area. Even though, since there are a lot of islands with the nice beach, including the small ones, you will feel like you have the private beach in Flores Island Indonesia. That is because no one lives on the island and the beach is considerably small so that you will feel like you own the beach. For your information, there is a large size komodo that lives on one of those small islands named Mbou, but this large komodo is rarely seen by the people, even those who take care of the island.
  • The next one is sunbathing on the white sandy beaches. This might not be something that many people do since there are not many tourists who do this kind of thing. Even though, you can still try to do that if you want. That is because the sun shines brightly and the view of the ocean with a lot of small islands will be the amazing view that you will not want to miss. All of those things are just perfect if you want to go to this islands in Flores.

Those are few things that you can find when you are visiting Riung 17 Island that is located in Flores. For your consideration, if you want to visit all of those islands, you might need to spend at least two to three days so that you can simply jump from one island to another island on this sub-district. Since Riung 17 Island is considered as the main attraction of Flores Island Indonesia, visiting this place is something that you need to do if you are in Flores.


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