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Planing Your Next Surfing Trip

You can enjoy surfing with very little investment, simply turn up to the beach with your swim gear and some cash to rent a surfboard. There are certain things you should consider to get the best experience possible, if you have the time – why not plan your whole trip so that you can utilize your time efficiently and ensure you don’t miss out anything.

There are certain key things to a surfing trip and you could ruin the overall experience if you miss anything out so be sure to double check you have everything. If you are having trouble identifying what you will need to take here are a few suggestions and reminders for you.

  • The obvious thing you will need is your surfboard if you have one. You will be able to rent a board but if you have your own you can save the money and have a ride you are familiar with. Along with your surfboard you should ensure you bring sufficient surfboard wax.
  • You will also need various other pieces of surfing equipment such as a wetsuit or other swimwear, a leash and any spare fins you may have.
  • Before you book your trip at you should do your research to find the best place, you can expect to see a lot of surfers in the popular hot spots during peak seasons. You would hate to visit a place with great waves but hardly get chance to surf them!
  • A surfing repair kit is essential, you never know when you will have an accident and need a quick fix or adjustment. You will be able to find local shops that sell everything you need but to be on the safe side it doesn’t hurt taking your own.
  • Ask any friends that share the same passion for surfing to come join you. Although surfing is an individual sport you can have more fun if you go surfing with somebody else or in a small group. Don’t be afraid to make new friends when you are at the beach to make the trip a better experience for everyone.


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