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Must visit places in Japan

There are very rare places like Japan which has mystique for the westerners. This country is strong in terms of economy, but there are many other unknown mysteries of this country. To experience the real essence of this place you need to visit this place at least one. If you’re planning on visiting this great place, then these five places is a must visit in the land of rising sun.

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Places to visit in Japan

  • Daibutsu: This place is like a trip to the ancient Japan. Buddhism has a great impact on this place. In the Nara it famous Daibutsu is situated. This is a statue that is located in Todaiji temple. The status has 15 meters height and has a weight of 250 tons. It is the largest statue of gilt-bronze in the entire world.
  • Ueno Zoo: If you are a zoo lover then you will love this place. It is the oldest as well as the most famous zoo in Japan. They have more than 400 species. You can also get a ride on the monorail which is located inside the park, and it connects the western and eastern portions of that zoo.
  • Osaka aquarium: It is located in Minato ward near the OsakaBay. It is a famous place for marine lovers.
  • Tokyo Tower: This tower shows how strong Japan is in terms of economy. It was modeled on Eiffel Tower, and it is 13 meters taller. It is the tallest steel tower.
  • Nagoya zoo: This is a big park which has many plants that are well maintained. This botanical garden is a great place where you can enjoy the greenery of this country.

Apart from this, this place has the famous anime tour, and the cherry blossom japan is famous all over the world. There are many tour companies that will help you to visit this place with minimum expense and agreat experience.


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