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Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle in a Wellness Hotel

The Wellness Hotel has become a multi-billion dollar industry whose growth is much faster than travel in general. This type of hotel maintains a “healthy lifestyle” during your trips.

For example, Wellness Hotel Bozen has already considered its hotel as centers of rest and pleasure to reconstitute body and mind. Recently, there is a silent development of a new spa modality that combines the healthful properties of the waters (natural or mineralized) with its mere holiday enjoyment. Like this, more and more thermal centers are modernizing their facilities, and the hotel complexes now are aiming at the fashion of wellness.

Physical Activities:

While clients still look for beaches and spas during their vacations, they increasingly expect other types of more active activities that require more physical performance. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, biking, yoga or just long walks through nature; there’s a constant interest in integrating activities to make vacations more active.

The growth in these “active holidays” is not just a trend for singles and couples. There has been growth in the demand for bicycle activities for the whole family as well. Their treatments are oriented to the simultaneous use of air and seawater at body temperature, with mud, silt, and seaweed, in addition to other marine minerals such as iodine, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium.


Nutritious foods are the basis of a healthy lifestyle; therefore people are exploring new ways to eat well and healthy while on vacation. There are retreats with a special focus on healthy diet alternatives, but there is also the option that hotels offer in the name of “healthy” and fat-free dishes in their menus and buffets.

Healthy Hospitality:

Like Wellness Hotel Bozen, more hotels and resorts continue to add wellness features, programs, and services for their daily offers. They have introduced many activities such as running, walking, and hiking for free to all their customers.

This has encouraged other conceptually different accommodations, such as rural hotels or those specializing in business clients to include in the equipment for their rooms, and whirlpool baths as a way to combat daily stress. People need to disconnect from the tensions and the storm of work. It is something healthy, and it is also a pleasure.

Wellness Hotel – A World of Therapies:

Bathrooms with various elements, pressure showers, facials, aesthetic treatments, massages, relaxation treatments, algae and sea mud therapies, electrotherapy, and specific cures are provided today.

The basic offer of a health and beauty complex is assimilated to a modern gymnasium and a medical center of esthetics together. The water acquires the greater protagonism. Its properties are applied to the patient through different techniques: hydroponic cure (drinking water), baths, steam, water pressure, and massage. These applications are often combined with other healing and sedative elements, such as algae and mud.

Within the fitness area that emphasizes the modality aqua-gym and consists of performing exercises in the pool, with or without devices, we can tone our muscles. Most wellness hotels include steam rooms that allow you to relax your body and eliminate toxins. There are two different formulas: the sauna (dry heat) and the Turkish bath (moist heat).

There are several techniques included for respiratory, circulation or stress conditions, such as lymphatic drainage or foot reflexology. To relax the mind, baths, aromatherapy, music therapy, and other different techniques are also offered today.


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