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Krabi Thailand: Guide on Tours, Activities and Accommodation

Thailand is famous for its diverse culture, enticing cuisine and stunning natural beauty. Krabi, a particular province located in the Southern part of the country, is home to the most beautiful islands. Enveloped in white sandy beaches, it’s a beautiful place for traveling and exploration in the summer and all year round. Expect to do every possible thing under the sun, something that you just can’t do in a cold, snowy country.

With only a population of over 30,000, the province remains as an exclusive travel site for doing water activities such as kayaking, diving, canoeing, cruising and snorkeling. Krabi quickly became one of the go-to travel destinations in the country with its close proximity to Phuket and historical landmarks. Access to the province is easy and quick, made possible with the availability of local songthaew, buses, boats and ships offering rides to and from the Krabi Airport.

Going Around the Place

In Krabi, one gets to travel to a number of certified tourist areas. Both locals and foreigners are able to reach the area with plenty of means for transportation. The availability of local transport songthaews from morning until late in the night makes roaming around the area safe. It’s always cheaper to use public transportation when getting around. There are also multiple bus stops along the way, allowing each traveler to get to their preferred destination.

Visit Popular Landmarks and Sites

The secluded Koh Hong and Koh Poda islands remain as the top choice for watersports, with its deep, blue waters and looming rock formations. Cruising along the Ao Nang beach and lounging in the Railay Caves are also possible, suited to those who don’t plan on doing anything for the day. Some of the beaches of Krabi have bioluminescent algae that can be seen clearly at night. Hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts will enjoy seeing the sights up on top of Mt. Khao Ngon Nak, or Dragon Crest. Travellers of all ages will appreciate the climb on the way to the Tiger Cave Temple.

Get to Know The Locals

To fully experience the culture of the place, make sure to get to know the locals. You can ask around to see hidden gems in the place. As a responsible traveller, respect the way of living of these people to avoid conflicts and violation of the law.

Book a Quality Villa Accommodation

Being a tourist hub, Krabi now has a lot of accommodation for different types of travellers.

Another reason to book a travel schedule in Krabi is that it’s full of quality hotel villas. From beachside hotels to budget-friendly villas, there’s surely a place for everyone. The De Malee Villa in Ao Nang stands out as it’s conveniently located in a business district, offering reasonably priced room accommodations.

When booking a hotel, don’t forget to enquire about the additional fees that you need to settle. For example, if the hotel requires a refundable deposited amount and cleaning service.

Enjoy The Predictable Weather

There are two types of weather in Krabi. The sunny weather is never too irritating, making you enjoy lots of water activities. The rainy season also gives travellers a chance to take a trip on the rainforest and other sacred temples. Surely, there’s so much to do in this place.


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