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Identifying Seasonal Wedding Setbacks and Creating Smart Solutions

If you are hoping to have a beautiful outdoor wedding, the summer season may be a perfect choice. However, there will be a lot more to love than the weather during this time of the year. There are beautiful florals that allow you flexibility with your themes and colours and you also have numerous warm weather options. This is what you need to know about some seasonal wedding setbacks and how you can overcome them.

Heat and Glaring Sun

When going with an outdoor venue, be sure that they offer air conditioning or some shade, such as tent rentals that have portable air conditioning systems inside. If your location is outside and there is little shade, you can keep the ceremony short and have cold bottles of water on hand along with umbrellas and fans for your guests. Because sunburn can be tough on the bride’s skin, be sure that you think about selecting a good moisturiser, powder or foundation that has some level of SPF.

Wilting Blooms

Think about having the flowers delivered on the day of the wedding and be sure that you have some sort of refrigeration on location so that you can store them prior to the ceremony. Whenever your photographer is not taking pictures, have someone like a bridesmaid or friend take your bouquet to a shaded spot or even set it into cool water in a pewter cup so it still looks decorative even when you are not holding it. If the blooms of your bouquet will be exposed to the summer heat for a long period of time, have a spray bottle with water handy so that you can give them a light misting every once in a while.

Summer Showers

While it is summertime, you can bet that there may be surprises. Always have a backup plan just in case of rain or extreme heat. A summer shower can be a big risk in many areas, so always have some sort of plan B in place. Have a venue nearby that is air conditioned or a tent that includes portable air conditioning units.


Bugs will thrive during the summer months and could become a nuisance to your guests. Have a landscaper or exterminator spray the area a couple of days before your wedding to avoid any kind of gnat or mosquito invasion. You can also stock up on bug repellent wipes and travel size bug sprays for your guests to use. Another great idea is lighting tiki torches or citronella candles all around the perimeter as a way to deter the bugs. There are even different brands of bug repellent sprays that come in pretty bottles and have a nice smell, making them just right to display in the bathrooms or on the tables for guests.

Venue And Vendor Competition

The summer is prime wedding season, which means you are going to be facing competition from other couples that are looking for popular vendors and venues. Be sure to book early. Once you get engaged, begin looking at the different venues and reserve any of the must-have vendors that you find. You can also start to reserve spaces for the surrounding events. Because your vendors are going to be booked through the summer with other weddings, you should take advantage of their focused attention by getting ahead on your plans during the off-season instead of trying to make major decisions in the few weeks before your wedding when they will be busy every weekend.

Limited Free Weekends

Convenient wedding weekends can seem to be few and far between when you take into account summer vacations, other weddings and long holiday weekends. Send out your save the dates early, so right about nine months before your wedding. This will get the day marked on the guest’s calendar. Think twice when it comes to scheduling your wedding on a holiday weekend because many families will usually have standing plans and the travel costs can peak at those times as well. You need to make sure that your wedding day is able to stand out amidst the list of other summertime gatherings.


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