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Here’s How Much You Need To Spend If You Want To Rent A Private Jet

So, how much does it cost to rent a jet?

Undoubtedly, it has become much easier to rent a private jet. The industry has become more accessible to a wider set of customers, thanks to the numerous charter jet companies and apps offering the service.

But here’s this thing: it may be more accessible, but it still isn’t exactly cheap. Under normal circumstances, it will not match the prices of commercial flights. The price of a chartered jet flight is normally still not cheaper than a business or first class flight on a commercial plane, no matter what sassy marketing tells you.

Want to understand how much does it cost to rent a jet? Here are the basics that you need to know.

Per hour

Basically, the rates of a chartered jet go per hour. You are charged for every hour of travel you make on the journey, depending on the jet type you are renting.

The average cost of a chartered private flight per hour for a light jet is around $5,000 to $5,500. This only for the basics, which means there won’t be flight attendants and any other extras on your journey. This may include just one pilot on the flight, though this may vary from company to company.

The average cost of flight for a heavy jet can cost around $10,000 to $15,000 per hour (maybe even more).

This will change depending on the model of the jet and its YOM (or year of manufacture). Naturally, the older the jet, the lower the cost of chartering it will be.

So for comparison: a chartered flight from New York to Miami — a journey that’s normally three hours and 10 minutes long — will cost you around from $15,000 on a light jet to $30,000 on a heavy jet.

That’s definitely more than expensive than a first class ticket on a commercial airline.

Positioning cost

There are, however, ways to lower this cost. For instance, the price tag of a chartered flight includes the cost of the jet going to where you are (that is, the closest airport in your location). This is called the positioning cost and it usually comprises 30 percent of your chartered jet flight price tag.

You can do away with this cost by opting for the jet to not pick you up; instead, you go where the jet is located. Your $5,000 per hour flight will be reduced to $3,500.

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When considering how much does it cost to rent a jet, it is important to look at other factors as well.

You are required to de-ice your chartered private jet when you fly it in winter; this can cost you an additional $1,000 on top of the rental feel.

Airports also charge landing fees, and this will vary from location to location. In addition, the fee will also depend on the weight of your aircraft (the heavier the aircraft, the more expensive the airport landing fee). Most airports also have handling fees to cover the charge of arranging fuel, passenger transport, and other terminal services. The cost will be higher if you require more than the basic cabin crew as well.

How much does it cost to rent a jet is just one of the many things you need to consider when looking for a rental that will fit your needs. Join our discussion at and learn from the experts. Likewise, you’ll find handy travel tips at
Renting a private jet is not as cheap as your cup of coffee. So, how much does it cost to rent a jet? Find out at


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