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For all the explorers, there is a new buzz in the market

For all the lovers of travelling, there is a new thing in town for you that are Scratch off Maps. This is basically a map covered in; most probably golden, scratch able foil and you scratch its surface to reveal the country or state behind it.

It came out in market on 2009, this result in being a great option to record your journeys with your loved ones or may be solo trips. This is a unique concept, of recording your journey.

Even for all the travel loving couples this can be the gift for your partner. You can scratch off the places you have explored together, and mark your next goals. This would be a really nice idea to gift as anniversary gifts or may be birthday gift as well. Or you can gift it any time, surprises don’t need any occasion.

These maps are creating a great buzz in the market because of the uniqueness that it gives to the normal boring maps. You can easily buy these maps from Amazon; they have cheap rates and better quality. Why to compromise with great quality when you can get it in relatively fair prices. They also have an option of prime delivery, with that you can get it really soon, this can be helpful for last minute gifts.

It comes in a gift tube which makes it an ideal option for gifting. This scratch off maps can be the excellent way to show off the countries you’ve been. These maps also include some of the interesting facts related to the countries you’ve scratched which make your visit even more interesting.

Just scratch the foil and reveal brightly colored maps behind it to have a colorful memory of your vacation. Leave that basic maps behind, there is a new thing in town, once you scratch you will love it, and your loved ones will love it too.


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