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Florida: Beaches And Much, Much More

For the RV enthusiast, Florida is by far one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Due to the state’s warmth during the winter months, its lush tropical environment, and its multitude of camping options, thousands of RVs make the Sunshine State pilgrimage each year. Florida has a lot more to offer than just beaches and sunshine, so if you are wondering where to spend some time this year then it will be worth considering the below options. Whether you will be driving your RV down or looking for RV rentals upon your arrival, there is a little something for everyone to be found in Florida.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

If it’s the beach you’re looking for, then the Gregory E. Moore RV Resort offers over 150 sites for RVs small and large. The parks sit right on top of what are considered to be some of the most gorgeous beaches in the state, not to mention all the kayaking, hiking, biking, and golfing also on offer in the immediate area.

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Juniper Springs National Recreation Area

With all of the beaches on offer, it is easy to forget about freshwater destinations in Florida. Located right in the heart of Ocala National Forest, Juniper Springs offers clear, refreshing freshwater springs in which to swim and kayak, not to mention multiple hiking trails. There are plenty of RV camps to choose from, making Juniper Springs a must-do for your Florida RV trip.

Florida Caverns State Park

If it’s caves you are after, then Florida Caverns State Park holds more than you could possibly imagine. Take a cave tour and check out all the amazing stalagmites and stalactites of wondrous colors, not to mention some of the most unique formations found on any cave floor in the world. When you add to this all of the hiking and outdoor activities, plus the professional golf course, you have a destination you will definitely want to hit on your Florida RV journey.

St. George Island State Park

Located along what is known as the “forgotten coast”, St. George Island is anything but forlorn. As a matter of fact, here you will find some of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the Nation. This is the perfect RV beach destination, with visitors hitching up their rigs right on the water and enjoying the perfect Florida beach holiday.

Fort Pickens Campground

Located just east of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Pickens offers many miles of terrific hiking and many more of stunning beaches. This has been a favorite destination for RV’ers for many years due to its beautiful scenery, the timeless feel of the landscape, and the RV-friendly atmosphere.

Anastasia State Park

For those looking to hit up St. Augustine on their journey, Anastasia State Park is the perfect place to set up camp. From the park you can easily hit up the beaches, hiking trails, or downtown St. Augustine, and there is plenty to enjoy in the park as well. As a matter of fact, the gorgeous surroundings and relaxing atmosphere of the park might make you forget about St. Augustine altogether!

No matter where you decide to go on your Florida RV adventure, you are sure to have great beaches, adventures, and good times along the way.


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