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Floating Sunglasses – Do They Float Your Boat?

Everybody loves a good pair of sunglasses. Even here in the UK where we don’t get that much sun (very little some years!), we spend a huge amount of them to protect our eyes, adorn our faces and generally look cool.

However, if you’ve just spent £100 or £150+ on a beautiful pair of Tom Ford or Lacoste sunglasses, you’re probably happy to wear them out and about to the park, or in the car, but it’s likely that you want to take care of them. For most people, it’s not an insignificant amount of money to spend, so having the case to hand, being able to store them and not being involved in activities where they’re likely to get damaged is useful. But what if you’re off on a beach holiday, or of a more extreme persuasion, then surely you’d want some cheap and lightweight sunnies that didn’t really matter to you? That’s where Rheos Gear comes in.

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Whilst you might not initially think of it, one feature of these cheap and cheerful glasses really stands out: they float. Personally I have lost several pairs of glasses either swimming in the sea or overboard on boats, and this is down to that fact they don’t float, not even slightly. It might seem like a simple thing, and a bit of a gimmick, but it’s actually really useful. This also means that they’re super lightweight, which in turn means you can wear them for long periods in complete comfort.

Combine all of this with the fact they have excellent optics, polarised lenses, are extremely lightweight whilst not feeling flimsy, and ultimately look great, mean they’re a serious consideration for a go-to, all round pair of sunglasses, and especially good for your holidays!


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