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Exploring the Attractions of Orland Park Illinois

In the quiet corner of Chicago lies Orland Park, a community bordered by two lakes, Sedgewick and McGinnis Slough. The community offers the best of both worlds — the convenience of commercial and business activities and the natural beauty of its parks and trails. When visiting the community, check out these attractions and activities.

Shopping and Dining Out

Orland Park is a thriving community. It has two main shopping complexes, the Orland Park Crossing and Orland Square Mall. In the pipeline is an upgraded downtown location which would serve as a hub for shopping and social activities.

Natural Parks

Orland has around 60 parks that offer many exciting outdoor experiences. Lake Sedgewick, a 75-acre body of water, is surrounded by nature trails. Opportunities for water sports is also possible in the lake area. Lake Sedgewick also offers opportunities for fishing. Fish species such as carp, bass, and pike inhabit its waters. The Lake McGinnis Slough is also an interesting place to visit for fishing enthusiasts and bird watchers. The lake is part of a 14-thousand-acre forest preserve. It has become an area for bird watching since it attracts migratory ducks and other wetland avian species. During the fall, thousands of herons, ducks, cormorants, and other birds fly to the lake as part of their migratory pattern.

Historical Sites

There is also the historical Stellwagen park farm which shows the agricultural heritage of the community. From the farm, there are bike paths and trails to explore. Or visit the Orland Park history museum to see the stories behind the community. There are exhibits that highlight the village’s landmark growth throughout the century. There are also several homes in the area that are registered in the National Register of Historic Places. These homes include the John Humphrey House, a Georgian style home built in the 19th century.

Wedding Venues

For weddings Orland Park IL has locations which could be a perfect setting for a dream wedding. From the hotel or wedding banquet reception, there are also attractions that evoke a romantic quality fit for the special occasion. With its 60 parks and trails, there are social media worthy locations amid nature that is a fit for an intimate wedding ceremony. These places could be the perfect post-wedding setting.

Sports Complexes

The community has a 192-acre aquatic center with large pools and slides. For those who love to skate, visit the outdoor ice rink in the centennial park during the winter season. For indoor recreation options, visit the Sportsplex, the community’s largest recreational space. It has full-sized basketball courts, a soccer arena, and a fitness facility.

When planning a visit to Orland Park, enjoy the attractions that the quiet community offers. From nature parks, to romantic locations, restaurants, and other fun activities, explore and get to know the Orland Park community better. For those who are looking for an alternative place to get away from it all, perhaps this community in Illinois is the answer.


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