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Effective Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is part, and one of our daily living and I find it is unfortunately overvalued. It’s like being proud to be stressed as if giving us a bigger air and being an excuse. Like everyone else, I likewise have deadlines to meet, a busy schedule, meetings, students to meet, a list of never-ending tasks and of course there are only 24 hours per day! So what’s the trick, how to decrease stress? Stress management begins with identifying sources of stress. It’s not as easy as it looks, because it often comes from us and not from an outside situation. A quality illustration would be to be stressed to finish a project when in the real world, it is rather the procrastination that creates stress. Where does this procrastination come from? Sometimes an absence of confidence, sometimes just a habit … but I’m not here to do psychoanalysis! I simply plant a seed so that you begin to be aware of your habits and your attitude toward what the effect is, here are ideas to effectively reduce stress

Learning to Disagree

Been in the YES group too long is a major way of attracting stress! Saying yes to anything, activities, projects, and offers don’t help one bit. Unfortunately agreeing to everything can ultimately result in stress. I learned to define my priorities, and now I say no often, and I avoid many stressful situations that ultimately would not serve me. It involves courage to disagree, but it’s worth it.


There is absolutely nothing new with breathing, but it works every time. When I’m in a stressful situation, I pause and take 10 breaths. Count to 5 by inspiring and expire counting to 5, its magic.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Yes, I know! Not very original but seriously necessary. Be curious, discover different activities and choose the ones that suit you. The reality is that when you move you eat better. It’s a wonderful circle. As I mentioned above, every person and every situation is distinctive, so there is no solution that works for everything.

However, hiking with wilderness inquiry to most of the interesting places is one sure effective ways to reduce tension or stress. It’s a good way of relaxation, having fun and replenishing one’s energy for an effective work ahead.


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