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Dos And Don’ts of Packing for a Maui Vacation

When you’re sitting at your desk or walking down a snowy street, you’re likely daydreaming of your upcoming vacation. After sifting through countless destinations, you finally decided on sunny Maui for your rejuvenating getaway. This Hawaiian island attracts millions of visitors each year, offering stunning beaches, luxurious hotels, and delicious local food.

As you imagine yourself at Maui luaus and local cocktail bars, you might be wondering what to wear. Fortunately, with a little local wisdom, you can find the perfect vacation wardrobe. This simple guide will give you the basics of packing for a Hawaiian vacation.

Do: Pack light fabrics

It’s no secret that Hawaii is warm most of the year, so it’s important to pack accordingly. Pack shorts, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts in light fabrics like cotton. Choose colors that pair well together so you can mix and match with minimal packing. While the majority of your suitcase should be warm-weather clothing, remember that it does rain in Maui. Add a rain jacket and other light layers to prepare for the elements. It’s also smart to bring one or two pairs of pants to wear on breezy nights.

Don’t: Choose style over comfort

While it might be tempting to bring your boldest stilettos and leather skirts for your vacation, these aren’t practical for Maui. The Hawaiian clothing culture is generally casual, so opt for looser fits and comfortable sandals. Also keep in mind that you’ll be out and about for full days during your vacation, so you want to wear clothing that functions. A simple breezy dress or a loose blouse with shorts can go a long way. Pair these with a supportive pair of strappy sandals to complete the look.

Do: Find the right beach cover up

With a stylish swimsuit cover up, you can go straight from the beach to dinner without a care in the world. The key is to find a coverup with a touch of sophistication. You may find a piece that has a sundress look, falling at your mid-thigh or knee. A romper or maxi dress can be another great choice for a flirty, casual feel. Some travelers may opt for a breezy skirt and versatile top instead. If you’re worried about your cover up looking overly casual, stash a belt in your beach bag to tie around your waist when you head to happy hour.

Don’t: Dress like a tourist

Even though you are are a visitor, you don’t need to dress like one. Socks and sandals, touristy t-shirts, and bucket hats will make you stand out among other beach goers. While it’s important to be yourself while traveling, remember that less is more. Swap your “Maui” t-shirt for a plan or striped top, and save your cargo shorts for the trail. If you’re worried about splurging on stylish vacation clothes, many online boutiques carry affordable warm-weather garb to improve your travel wardrobe.

Do: Bring activewear

Chances are you’ll be doing more than lounging on the beach while in Maui. This island is a great place to hike, explore, try water sports, and sign up for exciting excursions. Be sure to bring comfortable hiking wear, as well as a light jacket and supportive shoes. You’ll also want to pack a functional swimsuit for your trip, since you might have the chance to swim under waterfalls and snorkel through stunning coral reefs.

By packing well for your trip to Maui, you can prepare for every activity while dressing fashionably. Whether tanning on the beach or taking a surfing lesson, you are sure to feel comfortable and confident. And of course, with every adventure and relaxing moment on this beautiful island, you will create memories that last a lifetime.


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