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Deciding on a Limo Make/Model

You have seen how renting a limo for a night out is glamorous when depicted in films and you have decided to rent one for a special event! The limo service you have chosen has a range of vehicles that you which to choose from! How do you go about choosing that vehicle that will make your experience unforgettable?

The type of vehicle you will choose will ultimately determine whether you have fun. When choosing the vehicle to choose you specific needs, you should:

  • Establish the number of people you will be riding with in the limo. Most limo companies have a wide range of vehicles that can handle anywhere from two people to a small party. If you are going for a date, you can choose a sedan for you and the special person. A normal sized limo can accommodate from 6 to 10 passengers. If you have more people in your party, you can rent a limo bus or an extra stretch limo. Depending on your entourage, there are numerous Luxury Limo Rentals in Los Angeles.
  • Ensure that there is enough room. You do not have to rent a limo that leaves to extra room for movement. You should consider renting a limo that has a maximum seating capacity larger than the number of people in your party. As a rule of thumb, it is important to leave at least 2 unfilled spaces to make up for the different sizes of people in your entourage. This can also help with accommodating any individuals that may appear at the last minute.
  • Ensure that the vehicle has the specific luxury features you want. Depending on the event you are planning for, you may want a limo with a sound system, a DVD player and TV, a sunroof, a car phone, or a Jacuzzi among many other features. Ensure that you also enquire whether the vehicle has heat, air conditioning and working seatbelts.
  • Decide on the type of vehicle that satisfies your desires. There are many luxury limo makes and models. You should enquire whether your preferred make and model is available in your desired color and size. You should ensure that you view the vehicle you will be riding prior to making a commitment to rent it. You should also enquire on the safety record of the vehicle and whether it is inspected and approved by the Department of Transport. If it meets your specific requirements and standards, you can negotiate the package price and mode of payment. Ensure that you make a note of the vehicle’s license number to ensure that the company does not switch up your preference on the day of your event.

Choosing the right vehicle for your event is the ultimate choice. You should ensure that all your requirements are met prior to committing to renting a limo. You should make sure that the vehicle you choose has the luxury features you desire to make your special event memorable. Also, you should be conscious of the number of people in your entourage so as to plan a comfortable experience.


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