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Cultural values and etiquette in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka which is found in Asia is the most Westernized and civilized nation in South Asia. Its diversity with a large percentage of its entire population speaking English and the great investment in tourist sector always lure both domestic and international tourists to visit this country. Not to mention, her cultural values and etiquette are outstanding and this has created a very huge difference in this island. Visitors from several countries have always found pleasure traveling to Sri Lanka year in year out to witness for themselves the extraordinary culture of the people of Sri Lanka. As if this is not enough, Sri Lanka has the most beautiful places where you can go and get a memorable and unforgettable experience with your friends and family.Having said that, I am going to present copious details on the cultural values and etiquette of the people of Sri Lanka. By the end of this article, you will definitely understand why it is crucial travel to Sri Lanka for life experiences.

Behaving yourself

The people of Sri Lanka pay more attention to manners and politeness. When you go to Sri Lanka, you will probably realize that workers in several offices, restaurants, organizations, and hotels are very friendly. The staffs are often full of courteous. In Sri Lanka, raising your voice especially in a dispute is always considered counterproductive. An individual who raises his/her voice in a conflict is usually considered as being ill-bred and foolish.

Note that, Sri Lankans are very patriotic. The most interesting thing that they usually ask visitors when they visit their country is whether the visitors have found pleasure in Sri Lanka. Here, the locals often market their country and they usually emphasize their pride in its national achievements. In this case, they focus on their national cricket team which has made them proud globally.It is important to appreciate the fact that, a few Western cultures have yet to make significant influence to the Sri Lankans. Walking around half naked on any beaches of the people of Sri Lanka is not permitted. In addition, physical display of love affection in public is also not encouraged and a majority of couples in Sri Lanka usually hide behind huge umbrellas in the silent corners of botanical garden and parks as they embrace each other. It is also advisable that you should shake hands and eat with individuals using your right hand.

Temple etiquette

In Sri Lanka, you are encouraged to visit both Hindu and Buddhist temples when you are dressed appropriately. This also implies taking off your headgear and shoes plus covering your legs and shoulders. In temples, beachwear is not permitted and can even cause you an offense.Here, the Buddhist rule suggests that you should never point your feet at an image of a Buddha. People on rare occasions usually sit in front of the image of Buddha. Their legs are often neat and tucked below them.In certain instances, individuals who are not Hindus are not allowed to enter inner shrine while women are at times barred from entering completely. In other scenarios, men are needed to remove their shirt prior to entering inner shrine in Hindu temples.

Begging, and bonbons and school pens

In Sri Lanka, it is your personal decision either to give or not to give to beggars although you can at times assist the infirm and old beggars.You have to enhance a sense of independence in Sri Lanka. You have to be cautious about the amount of money you share with people. It is also advisable not to provide handouts to young children and also offer assistance to beggars who usually disturb tourists for aids. Previous visitors created a culture of begging to certain school going children in the name of assisting them. This was in the form of school pens and sweets. Sri Lankans do not embrace this kind of culture although it has been there for some time.Visitors are always encouraged to contribute their assistance or donations to either a school or a charitable agency if they feel they want to help children.

Where are you going?

Sri Lankans culture is based on the ground of closely knit village societies and family groupings where everyone is concerned about the welfare and business of the other person. People are always curious to know the whereabouts of their friends, colleagues, visitors and family members. They frequently ask several questions to understand each other. The good thing is that they do this to visitors in a very polite and courteous manner.In conclusion, Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit, I recommend you to make plans and go for a vacation there. You will be glad to see beautiful spots like Galle,Sigiriya, Yala National Park among others.


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