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Critiquing Your Son Or Daughter’s Homework – What’s the easiest way?

Suppose your daughter just completed a tale she’s written and excitedly involves share it along with you. You start studying and see there are some incorrectly spelled words. The first

instinctual reaction may be to indicate individuals errors immediately, however that’s the WRONG factor to complete.

There’s a technique that’s being trained to managers, leaders, teachers and all sorts of experts who have people directly reporting for them. This really is known as the PNP Method. It means

Positive-Negative-Positive. This process claims that when you’re critiquing someone’s work you initially praise them for something, then, if required, present an area they have to focus on, and

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finally, finish by praising them again.

The idea behind this is when a critique session ends having a negative, people have a tendency to remember that and start to feel badly about themselves. This really is consequently leaves all of them with little

inspiration to enhance their performance. However, overturn holds true for that PNP Method. People generally feel comfortable after they hear praise, feel open once they hear a place that may

be improved and happy and motivated once they get the final word of praise.

This method works much the same way with children. Once they finish their homework or demonstrate a bit of work, make sure to follow this formula. Condition something tolerant of the

good article for example, “Wow, you sure did this nicely!” Then offer, if required, a place for improvement for example, “Oops, I check this out word which word need spell checking” and lastly, finish

with another word of praise for example “I am really happy with your energy, Julie”.

Should you follow this PNP Approach to critiquing, your children may wish to provide you with quality work more frequently as well as their overall effort on projects is going to be greater.

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