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Colmar – the heart of the Alsatian culture and identity

Over centuries the Alsace has been fought over by Germany and France. Out of this a strong a Alsatian identity has developed, which manifests itself in no other town of the Alsace more than in Colmar.

With its 9th century medieval lanes and aquares, 13th century Gothic churches and original “Old Town”, Colmar appears to have stepped out of a storybook. The town´s streets are filled with intact Alsatian homes and a colourful mix of French and German Renaissance architecture. Colmar is home to historic neighborhoods; rivers and canals invite for a stroll. Add your character into the story of Colmar as you as you immerse yourself in more than one thousand years of history. Part of this history is the beautifully restored Quatier des Tenneurs, named for the tanners who worked here in the 17th century half-timbered houses.

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Colmar has many rivers and canals and even has an area called „little Venice“

The heart oft he Alsace is beating at the Musée d´Unterlinden. Originally built as a Dominican Monastry in the 13th century. Most famous exposé ist he „Isenheimer Altar“ by Matthias Grünewald.

Colmar is of course the capital of Alsatian wine making; protected by the warm climate east oft he Vosges mountains some oft he dinest white wines in Europa a grown here. 119 villages are producing in excess of 150.000.000 bottles of white wine per year. In particular Gewürztraminer ,Cremet d’Alsace and Riesling have made this wine region so famous.

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Colmar is also the home town of Frederic Auguste Bartold. Bartoldi was born here in 1834 and was not only the creator oft he statue of liberty, but has designed and created many fountains and sculptures, many of which are exhibited in the town.

Your guide from will guide you for three hours through this amazing town tailored to your needs: food, wine, architecture or the Unterlinden-Museum to name a few.


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