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Best places to visit in Sri Lanka north

North Sri Lanka is a charming island nation positioned in the Southern area of Asia. Sri Lanka is home to many beautiful villages that are less populated with a well-preserved culture making it an ideal place to visit. Being neighbors to southern India, this country used to be constantly attacked by Tamil immigrants and has a long history of social and spiritual heritage that may be appealing to cultural lovers. The country has grown as a tourist destination site due to its rich culture. Most of the population in this country are Buddhist. The following are some of the various places to visit in Sri Lanka from

Jaffna city

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Most tourists arrive at the north of Sri Lanka by means of a train. Jaffna is among the northern cities in Sri Lanka with a blend of both colonial and Tamil culture. Over the years, Jaffna has been a hot spot for social disorder and a battlefield with so much history to explore. some of the histories of this place that were recorded earlier were destroyed by a group of Sinhalese in the war that broke out in the year 1981 when they went on to burn down Jaffna`s library. Despite being fought over and over again, the Sri Lankan Army managed to maintain control over the city, as well as the numerous destructions that the war caused. One of these devastations included the destruction of the ancient Dutch buildings. When the war ended, some of the ruins of this city were restored and became a major tourist attraction. Other tourist attractions in this city include Nallur Kandaswamy Temple among others.

The city of Anuradhapura

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Anuradhapura city was created by King Pandukabhaya as a capital city and was inhabited until the 11th century when power was moved to Polonnaruwa city. It was once one of the largest cities in Asia and it is a perfect site that manifests ancient capitals. This city is widely recognized for its ancient stylistic architecture and it is thought that the first hospital was built in this city.

At the entrance of this city stands a curved semi-circle stone called moonstone. The moonstone is an active site for Buddhist religious worship and tourists may partake in blessing ceremonies as they tour this place. Anuradhapura city has many Buddhist temples and monasteries with monks and many other attraction sites for those interested in culture.


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Polonnaruwa was once a capital city of Sri Lanka, hundreds of years ago. The city displays early civilization with stylized architectures as well as the ruins of the royal complex. Other attraction sites include ancient temples, ruins of preserved tombs etc. For those tourists in love with history, Polonnaruwa is one of the best places to visit as it has many ruins with a lot of history on the religion and the economic activity of the people that once dwelt in this city.


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The church in Madhu is the main tourist attraction in Sri Lanka since this is the main area where Christians come to visit the statue of our lady of Mathu. Most of them believe that she offers safety from snake bites, hence one of the most interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka.


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Located in Matale district, Sigiriya rock fortress is one of the incredible sites where tourists can climb and enjoy a beautiful scenic view of the countryside and the natural phenomenon of the landscape. It is one of the most iconic sites in Sri Lanka as tourists have to climb the staircases that were attached to the rock walls by the ancient civilization. From the top of the fort is where one can enjoy the view of the ruins, gardens and ponds surrounding the fort.

Mannar Island

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Mannar attraction site includes some of the remains of the ancient waterside fort that was built by the Portuguese many centuries ago as well as beautiful landscape view. Mannar Island is also popular to a large number of birdwatchers who wouldn’t want to miss all the excitements of the migration of a rare type of bird species to India and back.

In conclusion, Sri Lanka is a country that is rich in culture and heritage with a lot of astonishing history that will fascinate you a great deal. From the ruins of ancient temples to large tea plantations and wild safaris in the jungle, Sri Lanka proves to be mysterious and also the best tourist destination for exploration and fun.


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