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Apply for electronic travel authorization (eTA) Visa to Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan government has now provided an ease to the tourists to Sri Lanka to easily get the visa to Sri Lanka. Whether you need to travel to Sri Lanka for excursion purpose or business purpose, you will have to get the valid visa from the concerned authorities. Visa is the legal document which authorizes legal entry to Sri Lanka. eTA Sri Lanka is the online process of online application of Visa. Once the application for a visa is approved, eTA approval will be sent on the e-mail IDs of the applicants. Thus, the applicants have to go nowhere in order to obtain their visa.  Each of the travelers to Sri Lanka has to apply for eTA regardless of their age.

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Online application for Sri Lanka Visa

The implementation of eTA has greatly simplified the process of obtaining a visa for travelling to Sri Lanka.  Applicants have to visit the official website of eTA to apply for the Sri Lankan visa. The applicants should hold a valid passport to apply for eTA visa. eTA holders from different countries will get the visa on arrival for 30 days.  But, it can be easily extended to a maximum period of 6 months. The steps of fast and instant process of eTA application are:

  • Select the right visa for which you want to apply
  • Fill the online application
  • Pay visa fees
  • Get your eTA visa on your e-mail

Generally, this type of Visa approval requires only 1-2 hours when all the details entered by the applicants are correct. In case, there is any kind of incorrect information it may take a longer time.  Applicants of eTA have to be outside of Sri Lanka and the passport of the applicant will be linked to the eTA visa.  Hence, there is no need of stamp or label on the approved visa.


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