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Albuquerque Labeled as a Talent Hub

With the growth of Albuquerque master plan communities, a flourishing downtown area, and more economic opportunities, it comes as no surprise that this promising city was recently designated as a Talent Hub. The Lumina Foundation, who is responsible for this program, lists 16 additional cities as Talent Hub hotspots as well.

What Does The Lumina Foundation Do?

The Lumina Foundation is a privately owned company located in Indianapolis. They strive to create higher education opportunities for all and are known as the largest private foundation in the United States to do so. The Lumina Foundation believes in the talent of American students and wants to give them the resources they need to succeed throughout their professional career. In 2016 alone, Lumina distributed $45 million worth of grants and currently has an endowment of $1 billion.

Why Was Albuquerque Chosen?

Albuquerque was chosen to be a part of the foundation’s Talent Hub program because of its widespread cultivation of talent. The title is given to cities which display an entrepreneurial spirit and encourages residents to pursue various forms of higher education. The other cities which were chosen include Austin, Boston, Cincinnati, Columbus (Indiana), Dayton, Denver, Fresno, Los ANgeles, Louisville, Nashville, New York (Philadelphia), Racine, Richmond, Shasta County, and Tulsa.

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What Benefits Will Albuquerque Receive?

Albuquerque will be presented with $350,000 in grant funding over a period of time so that they can provide more education to residents and current students. This will help in boosting the city and nation’s economy because the end result will be more educated people in the workforce. Not only will a higher education be possible for more people, work opportunities will increase as well. As technology advances and more advanced degrees are needed, it is important that government agencies and other foundations around the nation take note.



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