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A Guide To Working In Spain from a Local Estate Agency

Spain remains one of the most popular destinations for Brits who decide they want to live abroad. If this is something that you have been considering then one of your main concerns may be about finding a job once you are over there. The following guide may be useful if this is something that applies to you.

The Spanish Job Market

Spain suffered severely in the financial crash of 2007 and it never fully recovered. The country has one of the highest unemployment levels in Europe but there are still jobs out there. If you do not speak a lot of Spanish then you may be better concentrating your job search in areas that attract a lot of tourists. You are more likely to find an English speaking role in these areas, for example in a local agencylike ours, selling property.

Working Hours

If you are working full time in Spain then you should expect your working week to be at least forty hours. The days may also be a lot longer than you are used to. The working day will usually start around 9am but it doesn’t finish until 8pm. Lunch is taken at any time between 2pm and 5pm and it is not uncommon for it to last between two and three hours. You may find that you are required to work shorter hours throughout July and August depending on the job that you have as business tends to slow down during these months.

Wages In Spain

The wages for jobs in Spain will be less than you would receive in the UK. However, the cost of living is also lower so in real terms you may not see that much of a difference and in some ways the standard of living is much higher. You will be expected to pay tax on your earnings but this is deducted at source by your employer in the same way as it is in the UK.

Things To Bear In Mind

Working in Spain will be very different to working back at home in the UK and this may take some getting used to. The items on the following list are worth bearing in mind when you are at work.

– A lot of emphasis is put on punctuality and so you should always make sure that you are on time.

– Business attire is expected to be fairly conservative and you should always look neat and tidy.

– If you are in a business meeting then it is expected that some small talk should take place before any actual business is discussed.


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