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A Castle In The Clouds.

Boquete, Panama. A small village of 10,000 people sits nestled in a gap surrounded by the highest peaks in Panama. A slight breeze and a warm rain sprinkles the coffee plantations that surround this picturesque mountain village. Rainbows emerge, touching down in nearby fields, so close that one can theoretically sit underneath the end of the rainbow. Fruit trees and vast mangroves pepper the landscape. If there ever was a garden of eden, this is it. This is something out of a fairy tale.

And what would be a fairytale without a castle?

Castillo Bambuda sits about a mile and a half outside of Boquete center, tucked up on a hill that sits in direct view of Volcan Barú, a lush inactive volcano, that happens to be the highest point in all of Panama, at 11397 ft. This volcano is so high that a hike to the top will give you views of both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

And while most castles are reserved for the rich and noble, the “king” of this castle, Dan Adleman, is a fair monarch, who has transformed his keep into a sort of hostel/hotel hybrid, for a reasonable price that is comparable to the competition in the area.

However unlike the competition, the accommodations here include not only world class views, and a well stocked bar, but a kitchen the serves near gourmet food for a reasonable price. In addition, it includes an indoor pool, a hot tub, a climbing wall, multiple hot showers, reliable WiFi, an entertainment room, and plenty of good, relaxing vibes. So relaxing that in its year of operation, it has never had an incident of theft, which can commonly be an issue in the fast paced, public environments of hostels.

With all of these accommodations, this could be one of the best hostels in Panama. Check out some pictures below.


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