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8 Ways to Save Cash in the Costa Brava

We all know that going on holiday can be quite costly, and although we would all like to have the holiday of a lifetime when we’re on a budget that can seem impossible. The good news is you can have that holiday you’ve always dreamed of, you just have to know how not to go overboard with your spending. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can save money:

Travel with a Large Group

Consider looking at costa brava villas to rent as sharing the cost of a villa between a large group of people can be cheaper than staying in a hotel.  Spreading the cost between six to eight of you usually works out much more affordable for everyone compared to you all staying in separate hotel rooms. Of course, it would make sense to travel with people you know you get along with as you will be living in close quarters for the duration of your time away. So, why not travel with a large group and save cash while staying somewhere luxurious?

Don’t Eat out Every Day

A lot of holiday money seems to be spent on eating in restaurants and cafés. However, you can lower the amount of money that you spend my cooking meals in your villa. Buying the ingredients you need and cooking them yourself not only saves money, but it’s also a pretty enjoyable thing to do. Why not create a lot of different meals using fresh and locally produced ingredients? You could have a lot of fun cooking your meals, taking turns doing so. You could also create a lot of different dishes too, and enjoy tucking into something new.

Split the Cost of a Meal Between you

One great way for you to enjoy a lot of delicious food is to split the cost of a meal between all of you. This is a great way to enjoy some very tasty dishes without you breaking the bank. If there are at least four of you dining and you have the chance to enjoy something tasty, you could potentially spend a little less than you thought. My advice is to work out how much you should all spend, and then opt for food that you can all share. For example, if a restaurant serves a meat platter for four at the equivalent of $40, each of you will end up paying the equivalent of $10. Splitting the cost between you can be a lot of fun whilst helping you all to save some cash.

Take a Packed Lunch with you

Want to avoid eating in cafés and restaurants? Take a packed lunch with you no matter where you go. You could save a good deal of money and enjoy some tasty local meals too. Visit some of the local supermarkets and see what they have on offer. Creating your own packed lunches won’t just save you cash but it will also give you the chance to try something different.

Look out for Deals in Restaurants and Cafes

Some restaurants and cafés have deals on now and again, and this means you could potentially enjoy a full price meal for less. Check out the different eateries that you come across and see what they have to offer. You may not be able to get a good deal every single day, but the occasional deal really will help you out.

Spend Time at the Beach

A really good way to save yourself some cash is by spending time at the beach. If you take a packed lunch and some drinks with you, you may be able to enjoy the whole day without spending any money at all. Take a book with you so you can lie on a sun lounger and spend time reading. Take some buckets and spades if you’re with your children, and generally have a good time.

You may find that some beaches are home to mini bars that serve drinks, but they could be quite expensive so you may want to give them a miss.

Go Window Shopping

There’s nothing wrong with walking around the town and enjoying a spot of window shopping. There are usually many different types of shops in the Costa Brava all offering different things. Take your time, go for a leisurely stroll and browse ‘til your heart’s content. If you spot a bargain or you see something you quite like you can always dip into your holiday money, but try not to do this too often as the costs will sound mount up.

Take the Bus

Taking the bus to get you from A to B is a relatively inexpensive way for you to travel. Although bus timetables can and often do change depending on what day of the week it is, you can usually find one that will take you where you need to be.

Some buses will allow you to buy weekly passes, whereas others will just provide you with a day ticket. You should be aware that there are a lot of different bus companies operating in the Costa Brava. This means you will need to make sure that the bus company you’re travelling with can pick you up and take you home at the end of the day. If they can’t and you’ve already purchased a day ticket, you may find yourself having to shell out for the journey home.

There are many different ways to save yourself some cash while you’re on holiday in the Costa Brava. If you’re careful about what you spend your money on your holiday could cost a lot less than you imagined.


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