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8 Top Places You Must Visit in South America

South America is one of the most stunning and bio-diverse land of the earth.  It’s a sub-continent of America with more than 371,090,000 of world’s population. It offers a wide variety of adventures along with its magnificent beaches, icebergs, diverse islands, mountain series and huge swathes of rainforest. Simultaneously, the fantastic food and profuse hospitality may impress travelers and influence them to a majestic tour to the most attractive places.

Before proceeding to the places of South America I’ll also recommend a place named Sajek Valley in South Asia. I recently visited the place & passed some awesome moments there. And according to my experience I’ll suggest this place to you.

However, here are 8 beautiful destinations on your emigrate to America


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat located in South West of Bolivia. It offers a number of lifetime experiences to the visitors, impressive outlooks, memorable visual illusions, grand salt hotels, photo taking opportunities and some unworldly views.

This incredible place used to be adorned in different ways based on seasons. During rainy season its surface is covered by about 20 centimeters of water and that is still drivable. Water on the surface of the ground reflects the sky on it like a mirror that creates this land more magnificent. But in the dry season it becomes a flat landscape and sometimes formats an octagonal shape in this land of salt.

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I think once you visit there, undoubtedly this will become an impressive and unforgettable Bolivian landscape.

Mount FitzRoy, Argentina

Mount FitzRoy is the highest mountain which rises 3,405 m. and it is located in the Southern Patagonia Ice Field, on the edge between Argentina and Chile. It is one of the thorniest mountains to climb the summit, which demands strong techniques for climbers.

This was originally known as “Chaltén” to the locals, which means “Smoking Mountain”. This mountain is always looking like it is bordered by clouds, which always give the mountain a smoking look. It’s a worthwhile destination for the professional rock climbers and hikers where they will be able to discover the amazing granite wonderland, near the apex. If you once dare to arrive near to the apex, it is quite enough for site seeing.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos consists of 18 attractive islands which are noticeably different. It is considered one of the world’s prime wildlife destinations. Charles Darwin was encouraged by the exceptional and wide spread species of wildlife of these islands and comes up with his theory of evaluation.

You will find it extremely clear while diving with snorkel around the sea and you will get surprised while surfing with baby sea lions, giant tortoise, dolphins, boobies with blue and red foots. So, don’t forget to bring a water camera for capturing the water depth images to add an extra pleasure in your trip. Ultimately, the Galapagos Islands are considered as paradise of nature lovers and one of a kind tour destination.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most famous archeological sites. In 1983 it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and in 2007 it was voted for the “New Seven Wonders of the World”.

This ancient city remained a secret for ages and is referred as the “Lost City of the Incas”. This is the home of magical temples and archeological sites. You can choose a train ride to enjoy the views or choose to walk the Inca Trail for numerous days. So, keep this familiar sight in your bucket and find out the secrets for yourself.

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is the most isolated Chilean island located in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean. This island is famous for its archeological sites, astonishing monolithic statues carved out of a single piece of stone and volcanic rocks spread across its hills. These statues are familiar as “moai” and the native Polynesian inhabitants named this place “Rapa Nui”.

These mysterious moai statues are set in silence but they speak a lot about the achievement of their originators. At the same time, travelers find two white sandy beaches and they can enjoy surfing, diving and swimming.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro or simply Rio is known as the magnificent city with its hot sandy beaches, soaring mountains, abundant countryside and very old culture, facing the South Atlantic seashore in Brazil.  The city is also blessed with its dazzling landscape, extensive shanty towns, world’s largest carnival festival, colorful costumes and samba.

During the carnival, streets fill with music and people choreograph their renowned samba dances wearing fancy outfits that usually tell a short story of Brazilian culture. Although this represents the local community and culture of Brazil, travelers gather here from all over the world.

Angel Falls, Venezuela                     

Venezuela is dwelling of many fine tourist attractions and Angel Falls is one of the top grand adventures, which is located in the Guayana highlands- a region of Venezuela. It is the world’s highest waterfall, which is almost 19 times higher than the Niagara Falls.

There are countless exciting activities like walking through the mountain jungles, scrutinizing the incredible flora and fauna, riding boat through the rivers and swimming which will enhance your travel experiences.  Travelers who dare to plan a trip deep into the jungle are delighted to experience the wildlife of the vicinity.

Amazon Rainforest, Colombia

Colombia is a country of culture, history, abundant rainforest, sky-scraping mountains and coffee plantations. Amazon rainforest is a prime tourist attraction of Colombia and it is the world’s largest rainforest which occupies most of the northern west Brazil and extends upto Colombia, Peru and many other South American countries.

It is the home of thousands of distinctive flora and fauna. Travelers have plenty of alternatives for the adventure in the Amazon Rainforest like river cruises, canopy tours through the jungle, hiking at parks and wildlife reserves and many more. You will also be able to learn about the cultures and traditions of native communities of Amazon Rainforest or simply Amazonia.

There is a quote: “Adventure is worthwhile; just discover your happy places around the world.” So, don’t miss traveling here and there, be a Travel Cracker, be the happiest person around the world.


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