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5 Reasons Why Birmingham is the UK’s Second City

Undoubtedly one of the best cities in the UK, Birmingham has grown to be recognized as an ever-budding hub for business innovation and diverse commercial properties options. Famed for its canals, curry houses and distinct dialect, Birmingham boast of a thriving burgeoning bohemian side, with the noticeable shift in the cosmopolitan’s reputation in the last few years, further showing its untapped potential. From its humble beginnings as a market town to its major growth and development throughout the industrial revolution. Birmingham has grown to boast of over 1.2 million populace and with thousands of businesses taking advantage of its many benefits. Here are 5 reasons why Birmingham is the UK’s second city.

Extensive Transport Network

Although recognized for its extensive canal network, Birmingham boast of a wide range of major transport systems interconnecting the city into one metropolis. From well-connected bus routes to reliable regular train schedules and even a metro system, the extensive transport network connects residents to all destinations with ease and at reasonable rates.

Budding Commercial Centre

Renowned for its events, conferences, transport links and retail opportunities, Birmingham continuously proves itself as a popular commercial centre. The city holds some of UK’s best and sought out retail, as well event spaces such as the Bull ‘a major commercial area and tourist destination’, and the NEC ‘UK’s finest exhibition space’. Altogether made more vibrant with lofty, creative and contemporary commercial property to let in Birmingham, including lovely communal areas that allow for networking and progressive development with other creative tenants on site amongst many other options available.


Located at the middle of the UK, and quite literally making it equidistant from a majority of UK’s principal cities, Birmingham is strategically positioned for bridging distances making a journey to Scotland for example, is not much of a trek as compared to driving or catching a train from London. And, with over 98 per cent of UK’s markets, business and consumers being within a four-hour drive of Birmingham, the city is undisputedly built up of for exponential growth potential.

Beautiful and Spectacular Views

Despite Birmingham being a business-orientated destination, the city holds quite the beautiful and spectacular view. Whether wandering in the streets or looking down from up high, Birmingham is a work of art bringing a combination of the old and new in a spectacular wave that celebrates not only the city’s cultural heritage but also its visions for the future. From the nationally-renowned Ikon Gallery, the classical Town Hall and Council House, to the renowned Library of Birmingham and the vast parks of over 8000 acres, as well as creative and contemporary commercial property to let in Birmingham. The city is breath-taking sight behold with plenty of hidden gems to explore.

The People

Birmingham is home to a vastly diverse range of communities making it an inclusive, inviting, friendly and welcoming city. Despite your background, Birmingham welcomes multi-ethnicity. Whether you’re Irish, Chinese or any other culture thereof the residents are accepting, altogether recognizing and appreciating variety and culture to the city centre. From their famed sense of humour to their friendly and welcoming nature, Birmingham is sure set to feel like home.


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