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5 Benefits of Moving your Workplace to a Garden Room

The UK has seen a recent rise in the number of people working from home; particularly in the freelancing sector. This has, in turn, helped to boost sales of purpose-built garden rooms, with some suppliers enjoying sales increases of up to 40% in just the last three years.

But what makes the prospect of conducting your business in this kind of outbuilding so attractive?

Let’s take a look at just five potential benefits of working in this way:

  1. The level of your monthly outgoings will probably reduce

If you decrease – or completely remove – the need for a daily commute by bus, car or rail, and you’re no longer as near to shopping facilities and eateries, you may quickly find that you’re saving a significant amount of money each month.

  1. You can end up becoming more productive

Being surrounded by relaxing, attractive views of nature has been proven to aid our ability to ‘knuckle down’ and work. If your garden room includes windows of a reasonable size, you will likely be privy to views of squirrels and birds making an appearance in your back garden – not to mention all the trees, flowers and general greenery you’ll be able to enjoy.

The space is also more private, and some garden rooms come with in-built sound proofing. It means your workspace can also become a kind of sanctuary; providing you with more peace and quiet than an office in a busy city or town centre ever could.

  1. The space can be used for more than an office
    It’s common for people with a garden room to often switch between their main use and other purposes. So, for example, from an office to a cinema room, or a makeshift play den to a reading space or ‘hobby room’.

Some spaces of this type are actually large enough in size to allow room for a toilet or kitchenette – so you don’t necessarily have to nip back to the house for anything!

  1. A garden room increases the value of your property

For those looking to sell their home in the not too distant future, the addition of a garden room might be a wise investment. Some experts estimate that it could add as much as 5% – 7% to the value of your property.

  1. A more balanced work and home life

Due to the fact that your work is technically just a hop, skip and a jump away, balancing the needs of a family against that of your career can suddenly even up a lot more, and in the right direction!

Breaks can now potentially be spent keeping an eye on the kids in the house or having fun with them. You could perhaps start on the dinner in preparation for the evening or take your dog out for a brisk walk in the local park.

Generally speaking, working in this way brings with it new levels of flexibility. You can choose your hours each day, and you’re certainly not bound by the typical 9-5 working pattern.

To sum up, it’s clear that working from your own garden room can bring a great many benefits – only some of which we’ve covered above. It’s easy to understand why an increasing number of people are leaning towards changing their working style to one which brings them back home.

Although buying this kind of building isn’t particularly cheap, it’s an investment which might allow you to reap benefits from the time it’s installed to the point at which you sell on your property.


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